the green revolution —
perceptions, politics, and facts

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by Klaus L.E. Kaiser, is the first clearly written, comprehensive book looking at the green desires and expectations and juxtaposing these with the physical and chemical facts and realities.

CONVENIENT MYTHS explains in common terms why many of these green ideas will remain myths and dreams. The laws of nature cannot be broken. No matter how much we may desire the opposite.

Keywords / Chapters:

Climate change, global warming, IPCC, government, media, propaganda, deficit, inflation, earthquakes, volcanos, pollution, ice ages, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, sea ice, Arctic, polar bears, seals, whales, energy, temperature, cod, salmon, El Nino, hurricanes, typhoons, earth, freshwater, deforestation, physics, chemistry, biology, freshwater, aquifers, desalination, disinfection, fluoridation, air, ozone, smog, acid rain, crude oil, coal, natural gas, electric power, electric cars, fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear, geothermal, heat pump, wave power, osmosis, wind, solar energy, biofuels, ethanol, engine, hybrid, hydrogen, light, food, organic, genetically modified, fish, contaminants, sun, radiation, light, X-rays, weather, droughts, floods, diseases, longevity, cancer, Alzheimer's, malaria, progress

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Outreach is one of the "in"-terms these days. So are globalisation, internet service and its instantaneous communication facilities.

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Just in case you feel a need for being on the lam, nature has a tip for you!

The Spark of Life
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Principia Scientific International (2016) and
Fairfax Free Citizen (2016).
Also translated into German by Chris Frey for the Europ. Inst. f. Climate and Energy, EIKE (2016).

The Spark of Life, depicted by the Italian master Michelangelo (1475-1564) in his famous fresco of God giving life to Adam in the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, is a gift from God.

Going Green and Frankenfood
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Ice Age Now (2016) and
Freedom or Anarchy (2016) and
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The world is going green — literally, in all kinds of places that were desert-like before...

Moving to a Village on the Moon?
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The European Space Organisation envisages a grand project: a village on the Moon, by 2030....

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