the green revolution —
perceptions, politics, and facts

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by Klaus L.E. Kaiser, is the first clearly written, comprehensive book looking at the green desires and expectations and juxtaposing these with the physical and chemical facts and realities.

CONVENIENT MYTHS explains in common terms why many of these green ideas will remain myths and dreams. The laws of nature cannot be broken. No matter how much we may desire the opposite.

Keywords / Chapters:

Climate change, cryptonics, global warming, IPCC, government, media, propaganda, deficit, inflation, earthquakes, volcanos, pollution, ice ages, greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, sea ice, Arctic, polar bears, seals, whales, energy, temperature, cod, salmon, El Nino, hurricanes, typhoons, earth, freshwater, deforestation, physics, chemistry, biology, freshwater, aquifers, desalination, disinfection, fluoridation, air, ozone, smog, acid rain, crude oil, coal, natural gas, electric power, electric cars, fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear, geothermal, heat pump, wave power, osmosis, wind, solar energy, biofuels, ethanol, engine, hybrid, hydrogen, light, food, organic, genetically modified, fish, contaminants, sun, radiation, light, X-rays, weather, droughts, floods, diseases, longevity, cancer, Alzheimer's, malaria, progress

Popular Press Articles

2019 Articles

Gretafication — a new Syndrome
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Principia Scientific Australia (2019), and
Canada Free Press (2019)
Photo credit: Reuters
... there is a new type of virulence afflicting the world, particularly in Europe, i.e. the "Gretafication Syndrome."

Lighting of the Future — Softly Glowing Plants
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Principia Scientific (Australia) (2019), and
Canada Free Press (2019)
test tube

Just when lighting technology has made a quantum leap, ..., a new lighting idea appears on the (yet very far) horizon: bioluminescent (glowing) plants.

Recommendations for
5G Communication Systems Testing

Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Canada Free Press (2019)
5G effects

Due to the higher attenuation in the atmosphere and the expected increased communication demand, ... , the 5G system will require an ubiquitous coverage.
In practice, that means a 5G transmission tower "on every city block" or so.

5G Wireless Broadband and how (not) to Boil Eggs
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Canada Free Press (2019), and
NoPaperNews (2019)
5G tower

The new 5G wireless broadband technology that is said to be rolled out soon for wireless communication everywhere has some people concerned about potential health effects.

Russia may catch the North Pole ...
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Canada Free Press (2019)
North Poles

As Newsmax reported, the magnetic North Pole is wandering towards Siberia at an increasing speed, currently in the order of 35 miles per annum.

Punxsutawny Phil's urgent Reply to his Cousin Wiarton Willie in Canada
Canada Free Press (2019)

Punxsutawny Phil

... The term "Climate Change" (CC) has become the new catch-all phrase for everything that used be a common natural event. Warm or cold weather, dead calms or gales, snow, ice, rain, and, perhaps, even sunshine (??) — all are now clear signs of CC.

Good Night BONJOUR
Ice Age Now (2019)
, and
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019), and
Canada Free Press (2019), and
The Australian Climate Skeptics Blog (2019)
Also translated into German by C. Frey for the
Europ. Inst. f. Climate & Energy, EIKE (2019)
BONJOUR, i.e. the company Téo Taxi, a new kind of taxi service in Montreal, [...] has shut down operation.

The Davosian Decades
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
, and
Canada Free Press (2019)
The Intl. Monetary Fund (IMF) thinks that global growth will slow to 3.5% this year, down from 3.7% forecast a few months ago. What a disaster ...

The "Quantum Glass" Battery Hype
Canada Free Press (2019)
, and
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019)
Also translated into German by C. Frey for the
Europ. Inst. f. Climate & Energy, EIKE (2019)
a headline
There is a new battery type being hyped, with terms such as "Quantum Glass" battery or even "The Jesus Battery" and a claim that ...

Tired of Sardines?
Canada Free Press (2019)

A bulging can of fermented Surstromming
Properly bulging can of fermented Surströmming
... then try Rollmops, Surströmming, or Sushi, especially that tuna kind of Sushi. You'll love it — until you'll see the bill!

Four Degrees Warmer!
(that wouldn't be satirical now?)

Canada Free Press (2019)
, and
Principia Scientific Intl. (2019), and
Ice Age Now (2019), and
Long Room (2019), and
QOSHE (2019)
Sweating bolar bear
The climate is running away, it's hard to keep up with it. [...] The polar bears must be sweating.

Happy New Year 2019!

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